Sunday, March 18, 2012


Time passes so quickly and it's our third month together already. So many things happened throughout this 3 months, both happy and unhappy moments. But guess what? We still managed to pull through this together. It's been so long (for those who know what I mean), yet this love has never faded, not a single bit. I'm glad we are still going strong. Be quarreled, we teared, we learnt, we treasured. We made it through all these despite having numerous quarrels and problems. I'm really very blessed, blessed to have such an awesome person as my boyfriend, my partner, my soulmate, my buddy. Words just can't express how I feel. The feeling of happiness and joy being together with you, no one knows. 

To my one and only
Thanks for being by my side all the time, whether I'm happy or sad. Thanks for lending me your shoulder to cry and to lean on. I've got too much to thank you, I can't possibly state everything down. But most importantly, thank you darling for telling me repeatedly that everything is going to be fine. With your words, I feel the assurance. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you've done for me throughout all these while. Thanks for holding on despite me hurting you so badly in the past. There's a saying "Let bygones be bygones". And like what you always tell me "Let's not talk about the past anymore". You're right. We should stop living in the past because all we get is just tears and unhappiness. Baby, lets move on to our future, talk about our future and plan for our future. It's going to be a very long route ahead, but I'm glad I have you by my side, holding my hands, till we grow old. Baby, thank you. I love you ♥


3rd Monthsary gift from me to my boyfriend X


This is what my boyfriend did for me for our monthsary! HOW SWEET RIGHT! Super adorable and cute! Really love it so much! And he wrote me a letter as well! (typed out actually) I kept smiling and laughing while reading it cause he is so damn cute! LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! ♥




lee woo said...

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